Hair & Scalp Butter


Hair & Scalp Butter can help you improve the health of your hair and they are also easy to use. Applying that to your scalp regularly can increase hair growth, strength, or shine. Suggested Uses for Mela Miracle Hair & Scalp Butter: Apply daily in designated areas to strengthen hair follicles and rejuvenate growth or mix in your shampoo. This includes eyebrows, eyelashes, edges, scalps & beards (Helps rid dandruff, itching, irritated scalp, and cradle cap) alopecia, sunscreen/sunblock.

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Hair & Scalp Butter

A versatile elixir that supports hair health by restoring vitality, elasticity, and strength. Our Pro-Growth hair butter is a quality hair treatment that improves hair growth. Helps stimulate natural, healthy hair growth. Our hair butter has essential proteins and fatty acids that help boost natural, healthy hair growth.

Our butter for hair and scalp will encourage healthy hair growth. Our unique nature-based essential oil formulas promote healthy hair growth. Moisture-rich formulas that help boost moisture, improve volume, and boost overall hair growth. Hydrating, Nourishing hair care from Mela Miracle.

Our Ultra-Growth Products work to keep your hair vibrant while giving your hair added manageabilitysoftness, and shine.

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