5 Daily Immune Support


Daily Immune Support

Mela Miracle Daily Immune Support is a premium quality formula containing vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help maintain healthy immune function and provide symptomatic relief from cold symptoms. Mela Miracle Daily Immune Support is specially formulated to provide a boost to your immune system and overall health that your body needs. With our products, your body is sure to get the full immune-boosting treatment it needs to fight common illnesses.

Our formula allows your body to fully absorbs all of the amazing vitamins and minerals faster than pills or gummies, which takes a while to breakdown for the body to absorb.

INGREDIENTS – Habbatus Suada, MCT, Lemongrass, Vitamin E etc

Daily Immune Support: Enhance Immune System, Aid Arthritis Pain, Indigestion, Heart Burn, Lower Cholesterol, Sinus Infection, Anxiety, Improve Mood, Reduce Infection from H Pylori (a bacterium that leads to Ulcers/Stomach cancer), Reduce Allergies, Reduce HBP, Aid in Weight Loss, Reduce Tonsil Inflammation, Treat Ulcers, Help Reinforce Elasticity in your Blood Vessel Walls thereby, Aiding in the Prevention of Thrombus Formation and Arterial pressure, Excellent Brain Function.

Promotes a Healthy Heart, Weight loss, Memory & all Internal Organs, Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails.

Helps Balance Blood and Sugar levels, Balance Hormones, Aid in Detox, Boost Energy, and so much more.

Men: Enhances Male Fertility & Increases Sperm count.

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