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Beard Butter

Mela Miracle Beard Butter is 100% natural beard oil. It is a premium beard growth collection that helps you grow a thicker, fuller, manlier, and nourished beard. Mela Miracle’s Beard Oil is the finishing touch for your beard growth kit. Our premium beard butter oil is designed to nourish and hydrate your beard so that your comfort matches your style.

Our products are made with non-volatile, naturally derived oils that have a neutral scent. Natural conditioners help to moisturize your beard and reduce breaks, split ends, and bristles to enjoy a softer, shinier, and more manageable beard. After a few weeks of treatment, your beard will feel softer and be stronger due to the natural conditioners in this tested and proven formula.

95% of customers noticed better growth and softer beards within two to three weeks of use.

DESIGNED FOR ALL BEARDS – Your facial flow is easier to style when you’re using our beard butter. Whether you want to look like a king from the middle ages, keep it clean with stylish stubble, or anywhere in between — Mela Miracle beard butter is for men who want more from their beards.

Helps your beard look Shinier, Softer, Smoother, Stronger, Flake-free, Fresh Smelling, and more Manageable.

Stops Ruff Beard, Itch, Reduce Breaks, Split Ends, and Bristles.

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