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Mela Miracle is a total system, that contains natural pain reliever, skin and beauty products, hair and scalp treatment, and conditioner. Mela Miracle Instant pain relief products relieve pain in under 2 minutes. Its natural ingredients are commonly used to aid Arthritis, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Menstrual Cramps, Migraines, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Toothaches, and more…

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Hi I’m Craig Stevens a certified Master Herbalist. I’ve been studying and helping people with alternative plant based products for 5 years. During this time, I’ve helped 1000’s of people around the world live healthier more productive lives through using my natural products. What I’m known best for locally is Pain Relief. My Pain products are now in some pharmacy’s and chiropractor offices. Globally I’m known for my bedroom stimulant MegaX. The Male and Female stimulant that’s helping men with Diabetes and High Blood pressure Regain sexual Confidence and women regain sexual pleasure. Now many are losing weight and discontinuing prescription medication while lowering blood pressure and blood sugar while taking my Daily Immune tincture.

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